A Letter.

We are strong. We are capable. We can do anything. We are women. While living in Chicago for about more than a year, the only difference I got to see in here from my past hometown, is that the women here are way more empowered, equipped, and independent. This makes me believe that the only reason for the United States to be developed is that the women of the US are developed whereas those of the developing countries are not. While doing my research, I found a high correlation between women development and country development. However, while living in Chicago I have come across so many working women, while the ratio is very small in the developing parts of the world. This actually proves that why in older centuries a wise leader said that if you want to know the worth of any country, just check how they treat their women.

However, Chicago is known for its beauty. People here have good fashion sense. They have been constantly experimenting on making new and new type of clothing styles. This era of fashion has seen quite many things that are very strange to the old fashion people. The women have been wearing more casual and comfortable outfits rather than wearing long dresses that are too difficult handle. Just a few years back, it was an alien concept to go to workplace in casual attire, but nowadays, even the big multi-nationals have provided the employees with a comfortable workplace environment. In this environment they are not bound to wear suits every day on their jobs. When you walk in the downtown Chicago, you see so many women wearing t-shirts that carry a feminist message. This woman, the showstopper in Chicago Fashion Show, is wearing a t-shirt made by Mosibello, saying “The future is female”. This is a very strong message that has so many perspectives, to motivate those women of the society who feel weak.

Mosibello wants girls to grow up and be brave instead of perfect. To feel beautiful for being smart and strong. They want corporations and employers and bosses to view women and men through the same lens and to pay them the same amount for the same work. 

They want girls to grow up believing that they can accomplish anything and that there are no barriers or ceilings to the heights they can climb. They want to remove all of those barriers and ceilings that exist in our society and reach a state of true gender equality. They have lofty goals and cannot achieve their goals alone.

I believe that feminism is not a female thing. It is a concept that was coined back in 19th century by Charles Fourier. The irony of the term feminism is that it was coined by a man. It was the time when women fought to emerge in the society to be able to vote. Now the concept has evolved with the growth of society and the term feminism is something to be followed by both genders. The feminist t-shirts have gained popularity in Chicago because it makes easier for the feminists to portray their message, thus giving good business to the t-shirt sellers. Women literally wear them anywhere they go, Malls, bars, work and so many places. But, what is Mosibello doing to portray the feminist message is that they have hired male models to portray the feminist message. Which gives a message that men also support the term feminism.

In concluding my blog, I would really appreciate the way feminism has emerged in Chicago and women here are so strong, that they walk down the streets and go to work to run their houses which ultimately eases off the burden of family income. This is not the thing which I used to witness in my past hometown. Women over there sit back in the houses, mostly are housewives, and when you go to the busy streets, you only find men hustling to feed their families. The way Western technology has been transferred to Eastern countries, the Western Fashion should also enter their culture because a woman weak anywhere is a woman weak everywhere.