Women equality and Anti-racism

What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends. Mosibello is a fast fashion clothing company that revolves around the social issues. The most important issue in the vision of Mosibello is gender equality. However, other issues such as transgender rights, racism and so many more carry same importance, but to give their campaign a start, they are starting from feminism. They also like being called “Mosi”, so for now we will say that Mosi supports maximum gender diversity, from workplace to public places and households.


However, gender stereotyping which starts from the very first day a child is expected to born, plays a key role in this phenomenon. If it is known that there is a boy, parents design a room for the child in bluish theme, whereas, for a girl, there is pinkish theme. Although, gender stereotyping is not a bad idea, but when the women are considered weak for some tasks that are commonly practiced by men is something which feminists demand to change the mindset.

The empowerment of women starts from their houses. When girls are taught about the “girl power (grl pwr)”, then the future is definitely female. Although these terms are slogans but when these terms are inculcated in a girl, she definitely turns into a lady who can stand by herself. She can take her own decisions in such manner the boys do. However, Mosi wants to spread a message. A message to every woman and man, that feminism is not meant to be the dominance of female, but to EQUALIZE the dominance of male with female. In the male dominated societies there is sluggish growth, economically and the chances of getting into war with rival countries are high. In fact, women are proven to be the ambassadors of peace. It has been encouraged that women should be filled in the foreign offices of the country, because they respond to the issues proactively. And this pro-activeness in women comes naturally. Some must be wondering that how women are naturally proactive. I believe this is their natural trait because a woman becomes mother and when mother has to look after her child, she becomes proactive. While representing her country, she will find ways for not going into war with rival countries till the eleventh hour. For instance, Middle East is a male dominated region, and we happen to see that most warfare in the world is happening over there.

Other than women empowerment, Mosi is equally concerned about the racism that is prevalent in the society. However, when we delve into the past centuries, during the first wave of feminism, we get to know that the very first milestone achieved by feminists was to get the right to vote. However, if we look this achievement closely, we get to know that the right was only given to white females. Black women and men as well, were still subject to racism. Blacks were slaves to the whites. Although, slavery ended, but discrimination has not ended. Even, in the twenty first century, white supremacy is widely spread in the West.


Thus, Mosi is campaigning differently. Rather than carrying placards and shouting slogans in the streets, it is making shirts. The shirts which carry a message. A message to the masses. The way feminists have spread their message on the first image shows how they have ruined the whole wall that gives a bad impression of the community. Whereas, Mosi makes it tidy and even more creative.

The way Mosi is spreading the message is more efficient, because the wall remains there forever, but the Mosi clothes will go all the places where feminists will go.