The Irony of Women Shirts in Chicago

T-shirts used to be the clothes which you wore when no one was looking. So HOW have they become the clothes you wear when you want to STAND OUT?

If you google “Chicago Style 1960”, you get this:

But what happened that when you enter Chicago, you find people wearing this: 

Let’s get into the Chicago streets and look what people wear? 

A girl while walking down the downtown who was completely following the urban fashion trend, wearing a white T-shirt, with white sneakers, along with that carrying a black handbag. She also wears a chain that is completely exposed over her chest and while holding a cigarette, she makes a pose to the lens with great confidence.

A study shows that when women wear t-shirts, they feel more empowered. This is strange!

How would t-shirts empower the women in Chicago? Or anywhere.

Let’s look into this phenomenon.

This is simple. Every t-shirt, one wears, carry a message with it. Some say, to all the women “We can do it”, or others saying “Girls are great”. These messages are easily carried by the women who wear these shirts and they become psychologically motivated that they are strong enough to stand out in crowd. 

This t-shirt clearly defines the phenomenon how a change in the way of dressing has turned a simple lady into a superwoman! Women wearing t-shirt enables them to carry their message on the front-line without making any actual expressions or making any speeches to transfer their message. It is just like in older centuries, women used to carry flags for their rights, now they wear it.

However, the research I did in Chicago streets made me reach the conclusion that T-shirts among women have become more popular in this new era of fashion. It has been observed that along with the waves of feminism, t-shirts have got a chance to be the part of it along with other clothing options as well. Since t-shirts let them easily carry their message, women love wearing t-shirts.

On the other hand, I came across this classy brand, www.mosibello.com which not only support the women by making classy t-shirts for them, but also supports those men, who have been on the blind sight of the society.

The irony portrayed by Mosibello is that the t-shirts carry the message that support women empowerment, but the models used here are men. This shows how this brand is supporting women empowerment in Chicago.