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Women equality and Anti-racism

What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends. Mosibello is a fast fashion clothing company that revolves around the social issues. The most important issue in the vision of Mosibello is gender equality. However, other issues such as transgender rights, racism and so many more carry same importance, but to give their campaign a start, they are starting from feminism. They also like being called “Mosi”, so for now we will say that Mosi supports maximum gender diversity, from workplace to public places and households. However, gender stereotyping which starts from the very first day a child is expected to born,...

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The Irony of Women Shirts in Chicago

T-shirts used to be the clothes which you wore when no one was looking. So HOW have they become the clothes you wear when you want to STAND OUT? If you google “Chicago Style 1960”, you get this: But what happened that when you enter Chicago, you find people wearing this:  Let’s get into the Chicago streets and look what people wear?  A girl while walking down the downtown who was completely following the urban fashion trend, wearing a white T-shirt, with white sneakers, along with that carrying a black handbag. She also wears a chain that is completely exposed over her chest and while holding a cigarette, she makes a pose to the lens with great confidence. A study...

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